What Type of Glass Do you Need?
Listed below are the types of glass we carry and some of their common uses. Roll over the name of the glass to view their common uses. If you have questions as to which type of glass you should use for your project, call us at 320-587-2868.  Don't throw your favorite picture frame away, just because the glass is broke...  We can cut a new piece of glass for it.

Tempered Glass & NeoCeram

Tempered glass is a heat treated glass that is rated for temperatures up to 400 degrees. We do not stock tempered glass, once glass is tempered it can not be cut to size. It may be ordered in a variety of thickness and is a safety glass. When tempered glass is broken, it breaks into many small pieces and not dangerous shards of glass. Tempered glass is identified by a small stamp in the lower right hand corner.

NeoCeram is rated for up to 1470 degrees. We carry NeoCeram on hand because it can be cut to size. NeoCeram is available in 3/16" thickness.

  • Any Glass in a door or within 10 feet of a door must be tempered glass.
  • Auto glass back & side windows as well as glass in toppers are tempered glass.
  • Light fixtures
  • Fireplace Glass (NeoCeram or Tempered)
  • Glass Panels for Railing Systems

If tempered glass is exposed to temperatures above 400 degrees, it will actually become un-tempered and can break.